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The young male scientist quickly took Chiyo and quickly dressed her in a fuzzy pink, footed sleeper and tied her hair in two pigtails once more. Seeing she was beginning to come to, he began with the rest of the scientists to the nursery with them.

"Okay, Lance?"asked Kumiko. "You've got Chiyo, right?"

"I many be the newest one here,"he said irritably "but I know how to handle things."

"No need to be so grouchy, newbie."she smirked, much to his displeasure. After they were all placed in the nursery, the scientists left and hurried to the observation room near by to watch the tots slowly awaken.

Little Chiyo rubbed her tiny eyes and yawned, taking a look around. She saw several other babies her age awakening aswell. Confused, she rolled over to her hands and knees and began to look around this strange new room. She didn't seem to have an recollection of how she got there... infact, she didn't seem to have any recollection at all. Soon, however, as little Osaka crawled nearby(also looking about the room), a name appeared in her mind.

"O... O-ga-ka..."she managed to stammer. Looking at each of the others, names continued to flood into her tiny baby mind. "Do-mo... Yo-mi..." she managed to link together, pointing at the two regressed friends. Calling out the others, the knowledge of their names seemed to entertain her somehow, for she let out a cute giggle with each name she managed to(more or less)say.  Soon after, she(along with the others)spotted a small pile of toys in the corner of the room, and she slowly crawled over to the heap with most of the others. After a mock meeting between two stuffed toys she and Sakaki seized(a yellow Daddy-chan and Nekoconeko respectively), Chiyo turned to a small pile of building blocks. Grabbing one, she looked at the letter on it. English. Placing it on the floor before her, she grabbed another one(also English). Looking at the letter on it, she simply put it on the floor beside her and grabbed another. This one seemed right, and she carefully stacked it on top of the first. Then another. Then another. Finally, she seized the one she set aside earlier and placed it on top, letting out an adorable chuckle and clapping cutely. Whether she truly remembered how to spell(in English, no less)or it simply seemed the right thing to do, she managed to spell her name out with the blocks.
Here we go. I've finished all the assessments. Chiyo's isn't too long, but it was the first I wrote, so either way. I still think it was adorable who Chiyo still remembered everybody(rather than write her naming everybody in baby talk, I decided to just do a few to get the point across and not bore you to death).

This is a story adaption of this piece by :iconmaniacaldude:, who was kind enough to give me permission to write this.
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All of these are SUPER UBER CUUUUUUTE ^V^
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Many thanks
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